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All instruments shown within these videos are Dental USA patented instruments or are instruments that have patents applied for both in the USA and internationally.
Dental USA Power Elevators Extraction Technology
Dental USA Power Crown Remover
Power Twist Periotomes Extraction Technology
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Thank you so much for developing such an incredible forceps! I used these on a mission trip where we primarily did extractions of badly decayed and broken off teeth. the power elevators saved me countless hours of sectioning and toughing around teeth to dig them out. I love these elevators. I no longer feel like I need to book extra time for that extraction of a broken off crown. They also seem less traumatic to the patients. These are a wonderful instrument and I highly recommend them to others.

Dr. Jared Ruminson

I have used the power forceps(or should it be called elevators?) to extract a upper right 2nd premolar(otho extraction), it came out quite easily, not sure if the tooth was really that easy to remote or your forceps is really that good. Have to try more.

Dr. Daniel Choy

I purchased one of the original sets of power forceps, before they were "officially" available. At the time I was recently graduated from dental school, and $1200 seemed a lot to pay for two forceps, I trusted your explanation to me and I came to find out it was one of the best purchases I could have made! I later acquired a set of power elevators and serrated curettes, both of which I cannot perform extractions without anymore!

Dr. Ryan Slaten
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